Our Story

At Rocca, we're on a mission to shake up the chocolate game and bring a wave of freshness to your taste buds. No more settling for the same old chocolate; we're here to redefine the chocolate experience for the vibrant and adventurous Gen Z crowd.

Picture this: Two dynamic minds, fueled by a shared passion for breaking the chocolate mold. They craved something exciting, something that screamed "new" and "different." That's when Rocca was born, out of a desire to revolutionize the chocolate scene in India.

Idea of Rocca - The New Age Chocolate

One fateful summer, Yash stumbled upon the mouthwatering English Almond Brittle while soaking up the European sun. The flavor was so captivating that he couldn't resist bringing it home to share with the Indian audience. Enter Sonal, the genius collaborator who fine-tuned the recipe, ensuring it resonated perfectly with our Indian roots.

And voilà, Rocca - The New Age Chocolate was born!

Imagine a dance of buttery caramel, dipped in rich dark chocolate, and adorned with crunchy roasted nuts. It's not just chocolate; it's an experience that transcends the ordinary. Rocca is all about pushing boundaries without compromising on what matters most -your health. We've banished the usual suspects - no maida, no palm oil, and definitely no artificial colors or preservatives. Just pure, unadulterated bliss in every bite.

We're not just offering chocolates

We're inviting you to join the movement. A movement that embraces premium, innovative, and healthy treats tailored for the New Age Indian palate. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to the extraordinary.